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Here at Board N Block, we’re passionate about helping you find the best cutting boards and butcher blocks, whether you’re a passionate home chef, a seasoned professional chef, or are in the foodservice industry.

We’re a team of chefs ourselves, so we know exactly what to look for in prospective cutting boards. We put each product we recommend through rigorous tests so that you don’t end up with something that will break or crack. Here, we cover everything from butcher cutting blocks to bespoke charcuterie centerpieces waiting to be displayed at your next restaurant opening or fancy dinner party.

As chefs and cooks ourselves, we know that finding the best boards and blocks for your kitchens can be challenging, especially if they need to stand up to constant commercial use or a busy home kitchen. Even if you’ve found affordable and durable products, sometimes it can be good to branch out and try new equipment that will serve multiple purposes. Too often, we see kitchens without ample preparation space and/or board surfaces that aren’t practical or design-conscious.

No matter your situation, our experienced team will guide you with the information you need to equip your kitchen with the best new & staple boards and blocks. Whether that be finding the perfect deli meat & cheese serving board or durable vegetable chopping board, we’ve got your back.

How This Works 

Everyone here at Board N Block has extensive experience in the restaurant industry; we’re a team made up of professional chefs, restaurateurs, and home chefs.

When you read our best-of reviews and guides, you can rest assured that we’ve extensively used the equipment and supplies in a professional setting and not just as one-off cooking experiments.

If you’ve ever wondered how our approach to reviewing the best boards in the foodservice industry goes, we’ll let you in on our secret:

  • We will only post a product review if we have tried the items in our own kitchens. Some of the products mentioned have been staples for us over the years, and when we share new products that we love, we make sure that we’ve weighed the pros and cons of every feature.
  • We take note of how the equipment works throughout its entire usage. If we notice that it performs well during cooking but doesn’t stand up well to a commercial dishwasher, we’ll reevaluate and find a better care method, or we won’t suggest it!
  • While our writers are the authority to everything and anything food service-related, we also have an editorial team that provides support and suggestions, should the writer ever need assistance.

Core Values                                                                                                                     

Passion, expertise, results-oriented, community, and skillfulness.

Our Team

Erin Jamieson

Erin has had professional experience in the food industry for over five years. She’s worked in various areas such as catering and fast-casual dining. One could say, she knows the ins and outs of preparing various ingredients and how to do so safely and with the right tools. She combines her love of cooking with her professional kitchen knowledge to give you the highest quality tips and products suggestions. 

Why are you writing for board n block?

After many years working for fast-casual and catering services, I became acutely aware of what a big difference excellent cutting boards and materials can make. With my personal passion for cooking and trying new recipes, I want to share my knowledge to help others have the best cooking experiences possible.

What is your favorite material for a cutting board?

I always find myself drawn to bamboo cutting boards. They’re lightweight, economical, more Eco-friendly, and fairly durable. However, I tend to reach for stainless steel cutting boards if I’m prepping seafood.

What is your favorite style of cutting board?

I love butcher blocks, even if they aren’t for everyone. They’re a hardy, all-around useful, and beautiful addition to a kitchen. They’re worth the extra care and one of my favorite ways to upgrade a cooking space.

How do you store your cutting boards?

I always keep my cutting boards safe and in as excellent condition as possible. Right now, I store them in a kitchen cabinet in their own designated space, but I’m considering a wire organizer.

What is your top care tip for cutting boards?

Besides the obvious advice of keeping cutting boards dry and away from heat, my number one tip is to care for them as intended. That sounds simple, but you should use plastic or stainless steel, not wood, for cutting meat and seafood. Wooden cutting boards are excellent choices, but you should treat them occasionally with a simple food-grade oil. Doing so will really improve the longevity of your boards.

Candace Osmond

Candace is an International & USA TODAY Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Blogger, and she’s also knowledgeable in the kitchen. Thanks to her grandmother’s love of cooking and her own passion, along with being a mom, Candance enjoys experimenting with different types of cutting board material and finding some of the most exciting designs out there. She’ll always recommend something new and exciting. 

Why are you writing for board n block? 

I love beautiful cutting boards and butcher blocks. I think they’re an essential piece for the kitchen. Talking about all the beautiful types of woods, how to treat them, clean them, etc., appeals to me. I also love resin work, so getting to talk about gorgeous resin cutting board designs is fun, too. 

What is your favorite material for a cutting board? 

I absolutely love my walnut butcher block. It makes the perfect charcuterie board! 

What is your favorite style of cutting board? 

I love a nice, thick butcher block with juice grooves.  

How do you store your cutting boards? 

My everyday boards are stored vertically in a divider system above my fridge. But my nicer resin boards and cheese board types are usually hung on the wall.  

Shaleena Quinlan

Shaleena knows what it’s like to get food from seed to table while growing up in a family of Midwestern farmers. Her passion for creating healthy but extremely delicious meals she can share with her friends and family keeps her experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients and kitchen gadgets like finding the best cutting board for fresh herbs. However, she still remembers that sometimes the simplest items are the easiest to use. 

Why are you writing for board n block?

Cooking is a favorite pastime for me, and I love finding new kitchen equipment for myself. Writing about cutting boards and chopping blocks gives me a chance to find new equipment and share my favorites with other cooks.

What is your favorite material for a cutting board?

Personally, I prefer using plastic cutting boards labeled with the type(s) of products used on that specific board. Plastic boards are inexpensive and easy to clean, so I prefer them.

What is your favorite style of cutting board?

Even though I prefer to use plastic cutting boards when cooking, I do enjoy keeping a wooden cutting board around. I like an olive wood cutting board because they look great wherever you store them, and they are useful for chopping fresh herbs.

How do you store your cutting boards?

I set mine in a vertical position on the countertop. This allows me to access them quickly, and if they are stylish, it provides a decorative feature for the kitchen.

What is your top care tip for cutting boards?

Always wash and dry your cutting boards after using them. If they are allowed to sit with food or liquids on their surface, they will be more challenging to clean if they clean up at all.

Jodie Chiffey

Jodie loves cooking and considers herself a passionate home cook. She enjoys trying new kitchen items and understands that finding the best ones can be a hassle. Finding the right cutting board material for your cooking style, storage space, and maintenance needs can be challenging. That’s why Jodie lends her years of experience in the kitchen to Board n Block, so you don’t spend money on lame cutting boards like she once did.

Why are you writing for Board n Block?

As a passionate home cook, I know how important it is to have a good cutting board or block at hand. However, it took me several years to find the best equipment for myself, so I am also well aware of how difficult it is to pick a good board. 

I hope my experience in this field will help others pick fine gear and avoid spending money on lame or inappropriate cutting boards as I did earlier.

What is your favorite material for a cutting board?

I prefer robust edge grain wood to any alternative materials in most cases.

What is your favorite style of cutting board?

I like grooved cutting boards since they collect moisture from the meat as I am cutting, leaving the counter clean and non-slippery. Also, ever since I have dropped a massive wooden board on my foot, breaking my little toe, I look for boards with handles.

How do you store your cutting boards?

I have a lovely minimalistic cutting board stand gifted to me from one of my friends. When I organize the boards from the largest one to the smallest, it looks like a piece of modernist art.

What is your top care tip for cutting boards?

Keep them clean and keep them dry. Also, never put a wooden board into your dishwasher. 

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