The Best Cutting Board Stands For Your Kitchen

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It’s safe to say that if you have a knife block, it will make sense to utilize a cutting board stand as well. Since not all cutting boards are 30 inches long and left on the countertop as a permanent fixture, a stand neatly holds all your various boards when not in use.

Along with small cheese boards, you may also wish to have other varieties like marble boards or reversible metal/plastic versions. With this many boards, a stand is needed to organize your accessories. The cutting board stand keeps your boards in place like a bookshelf, and they also help them dry after being cleaned.

Our guide is here to help you find the best cutting board stands for your kitchen. We can help you understand the basics about each stand in our selection list and how to use these stands according to their materials and construction. Not all board stands are the same, so choosing the right one is important.

If you’re in a rush, here’s a snapshot of the various cutting board stands on the selection list.

At a Glance: The 7 Best Cutting Board Stands

Best Cutting Board Stands Best used for Materials Dimensions More info
Yamazaki Home Toska Displaying two boards Metal and wood 4.1 x 5.5 x 6.3 Find out more
YIMUXUAN one-piece special design Display Wood 3.94 x 2.95 x 0.98 Find out more
Lenith Stainless Steel Stand Storage and display Steel 7.1 x 4.75 x 6.1 Find out more
Carrotez Index Stand Display for small spaces Plastic 9.4 x 3.5 x 2.7 Find out more
Ashley’s Storage Stand Display on wall/storage cabinet Metal 13.5 x 4.75 x 20 Find out more
cutedoy Natural Bamboo Display Bamboo 2.48 x 2.09 x 3.7 Find out more
EKDJKKl Stand Display/ storage Steel 5 x 5.71 x 8.47 Find out more

Selection Criteria



The best cutting board stand is one that displays your best boards while keeping them stored away until use. This means that a beautiful light wood stand, like bamboo, would help highlight darker boards and boards made from other materials.


Bamboo is a strong yet delicate choice in cutting board stands. A quality bamboo stand doesn’t warp or crack when treated and is finished with a smooth surface.

Function/ Extras

The best stand functions as the perfect place for your favorite cutting boards. Extras like eco-friendly materials or processes make owning the stand that much better. Thick bracing boards with multiple slots can hold several cutting boards at one time.

Types of Cutting Board Stands

There is a wide variety of cutting board stands due to the various types of boards and blocks. Made from different materials, each stand works for a particular purpose holding lightweight and heavier cutting boards. For every traditional size board you desire, there’s a stand that works as a display and also stores your kitchen accessories away.



  • Stainless steel
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Bamboo


Lightweight Stand

This stand is used to hold either flexible cutting boards or small, lightweight bamboo boards. These lightweight stands can also serve as draining racks when cleaning boards and cutting sheets.

Traditional Stand

These stands are made from steel or wood, as plastic can tip over due to heavy blocks and boards. You can either use this type of stand for sturdy small boards or thin larger boards.

7 Best Cutting Board Stands

1. Yamazaki Home Toska Cutting Board Stand

Yamazaki Stand

With its modern design, this cutting board provides a wide bottom and smaller top. The design matches most modern decor while also providing a cutting board that does not easily topple over. The stand has a wide base that further steadies the product and narrow open arms that meet at the top and encircle a wooden handle.

The Yamazaki Home Toska Cutting Board Stand is made from white powder-coated steel and wood. It has two storage sides that help keep it balanced as well. Use the wooden dowel at the top to move the cutting board stand from place to place. Inspired by life in Japan, the board stand is used mainly for cheese boards and other small pieces. It’s also a great choice for thin plastic reversible boards.

Overall Dimensions: 4.1 L x 5.5 W x 6.3 H

Weight: 0.7 lbs


  • Stylish and modern
  • It doesn’t take up lots of space
  • Has a handle for moving


  • Holds lightweight or small boards
  • Only hold two boards

2. YIMUXUAN One Piece Special Design Wood Cutting Board Stand


This is one of the most simplistic cutting board stands, and it may be the only one you need. This small rectangular stand is built to hold one board, but it may be the only board you use regularly. It can also only hold boards that are 25mm or under. It’s beautifully stained and finished with clean-line construction.

The board stand is made from wood and has a reasonable center of gravity design. It was constructed with an oblique cutting process, so there’s no need for board dumping. The natural shape of the stand allows the board to instantly lean in back when it’s put onto the board. It’s just all-around convenient for those with one or two small boards. You can find this simplistic and smartboard stand on Amazon

Overall Dimensions: 3.94 L x 2.95 W x 0.98 H

Weight: 3.88 oz


  • Space-saving
  • Simplistic oblique cut.


  • It only holds one, maybe two small boards
  • It may be too lightweight
  • Cannot handle heavy boards or blocks at all

3. Lenith Stainless Steel Cutting Board Stand

Lenith Stainless Steel Cutting Board Stand

If you’re looking for a holder that accommodates heavier boards, this one may be the right choice. While still taking up only a small space on the kitchen cabinet, the Lenith Stainless Steel Cutting Board holder can store 3-4 larger wooden boards. It can potentially hold heavier boards as well.

This product is made from stainless steel, which is strong. The base is a rectangular steel open bottom, and the holders are three open racks created by steel bars that rise up and across, creating a wavy center on each divider. The width between each divider can hold two boards at most which are more than enough cutting boards for the traditional kitchen. This product just might be the perfect selection for large families.

Overall Dimensions: 7.1 L x 4.75 W x 6.1 H

Weight: 9.9 0z


  • Strong stainless steel
  • Saves space
  • Holds up to 4 traditional boards
  • It doesn’t topple over


  • Not strong enough for butcher blocks or oversized cutting boards
  • No decorative elements

4. Carrotez Index Plastic Cutting Board Stand

Carrotez Index Plastic Cutting Board Stand

This product actually serves many purposes, including being a quality cutting board stand. Constructed as a drain tank, this holder allows water to drain through the bottom while keeping the product sanitary. The piece is all-in-one, meaning no assembly is needed. It’s a solid white plastic stand that goes well with most kitchen interior designs. If you like matching your appliances, this one might fit right in.

Made from ABS plastic, the Carrotez Index Plastic Cutting Board Stand has a sleek and modern style. There are non-slip silicone feet that prevent the stand from sliding around on the countertop or falling. There are three sections, with 0.6-inch slots, between each smooth flowing support arm that provides room for several boards or other important items.

Overall Dimensions: 9.4 L x 3.5 W x 2.7 H

Weight: 5 oz


  • Smooth, sleek design
  • It has three slots for storage
  • Lightweight but sturdy plastic construction
  • Non-skid feet


  • May stain easily
  • It might not match all decor in the kitchen
  • It doesn’t hold extremely heavy boards

5. Spectrum Diversified Ashleys Cabinet Cutting Board Storage Stand

Spectrum Diversified

For something a little different, store your cutting boards in an over the cabinet holder stand that fits on the cabinet door and hides away when not in use. These holders usually can take heavier loads but smaller boards. If you have a heavy cheese board, this may be where you need to keep it. Walmart carries this unique way of storing cutting boards, along with other accessories. This stand/holder is easy to clean and maintain.

The hanging board stand is made from sturdy steel and is a simplistic and useful way to hold many items. If you have several boards, you can invest in two of these board stands. They are easy to attach to the inside cabinet door, and you have options to attach the cutting board stands to other areas of your kitchen for display. Place it where you like and enjoy the ease of reaching for your favorite board without the worry of knocking anything over.

Overall Dimensions: 13.5 L x 4.75 W x 20 H

Weight: 1.26 lbs


  • Helpful over the cabinet door design
  • Made of steel
  • It can be attached to the wall or other places


  • Can make the cabinet hard to close
  • Cannot hold wide boards

6. Cutedoy Natural Bamboo Cutting Board Stand

Bamboo Board Rack

The natural bamboo cutting board stand offers a variety of uses. It blends well with the kitchen atmosphere and provides a great place to air dry boards and other accessories. The beautifully colored natural bamboo surface is smooth and strong. It can hold several medium or small-sized boards at a time. It also saves space on the countertop.

Considering the cutedoy Natural Bamboo Cutting Board Stand is made of organic materials, it is eco-friendly. The finish prevents mildew buildup, and the product is not prone to warping or splitting after many uses. The product is sturdy and easy to clean. Plus, it dries quickly, preventing any other deformations due to moisture. This rack is freestanding, easy to use, and must be cleaned by hand only.

Overall Dimensions: 2.48 L x 2.09 W x 3.7 H

Weight: 11.4 oz


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Organic and beautiful
  • Strong bamboo rack/ holds multiple boards


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • It doesn’t hold extra-large boards

7. EKDJKK Cutting Board Stand and Organizer


A perfect choice for small homes, the EKDJKK Cutting Board Stand and Organizer can be used for many things, primarily for holding cutting boards. This product can fit into cabinets and provide a nice clean look for any decor. Since the stand and organizer are one piece, no assembly is required.

The Cutting board holder is made from flat black painted steel as a strong and resilient option for organizing all types of cutting boards, small blocks, and cheese boards. It has 4 slots for holding boards, with metal braces in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various board styles. Keep your boards safe and secure, and keep your holder dust-free and clean with a damp towel.

Overall Dimensions: 4.92 L x 5.71 W x 8.47 H

Weight: 9.5 oz


  • Made from one piece
  • It has four slots for storage
  • Holds various sized boards


  • Small design
  • Cannot hold large or heavy boards
  • It doesn’t fit with all kitchen designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a cutting board stand?

Answer: A cutting board stand is a kitchen device made for the main purpose of displaying cutting boards and blocks. This product can be made from various materials depending on what size and shape boards it needs. While most stands are great for storing smaller or thinner boards, some can handle larger sizes. The cutting board stand can have different appearances, including wire or wood countertop holders, plastic containers, and hanging baskets.

Question: Are cutting board stands really necessary?

Answer: While some people love to display their cutting boards by leaving them on the countertop, others may wish to hide away the boards when not in use. This makes cutting board stands and holders a necessary part of kitchen accessories. While extra-large boards may not fit most stands, there are rare exceptions and custom-made stands for those as well.

Question: Can you put cheese boards in the same stands with cutting boards?

Answer: Yes, cheese boards, unless extremely thick, can be stored in cutting board stands as well. In fact, you can store several flat items with your cutting boards in the holder if you need to. The best thing to try using your cutting board stand in various ways to understand its best usage.

Question: Are some cutting board stands expensive?

Answer: While most cutting board stands are really affordable, some custom-made or brand-name styles may cost much more. But for the most part, you can get your hands on a cutting board stand for an excellent price if you shop around. Cutting boards themselves tend to be more expensive than their holders.

Final Thoughts: 7 Best Cutting Board Stands

It can be tough to choose from the many types of cutting board stands available in stores and online. However, some are just good-quality pieces that last a long time. Like the quality cutting board holders, which can also be stands or interchanged, these quality choices are carefully considered and weighed for their pros and cons in the kitchen.

Our pick among our list of kitchen selections is the cuteadoy Natural Bamboo Cutting Board Stand. This piece is Eco-friendly and sturdy. It has a beautiful natural bamboo finish that compliments any type of cutting board you wish to display or store. You can use this stand for small and medium boards of various shapes. It can also hold small blocks as well.

If you’re searching for the perfect board for your kitchen culinary adventures, there are many to choose from. While a plastic over the sink board is great for proteins, wood can be a good selection for cutting, slicing, and dicing vegetables for a nice winter stew. If you need more placement options for your boards, you can purchase a stand and a holder as well.

Just take the time to choose carefully and use our guide to help you recognize the benefits of each and every chosen product.

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