Best Cutting Board With Handle Options

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Cutting and chopping surfaces are an important addition to the kitchen. Without them, food preparation would be much more difficult. And what’s better than a quality cutting board? That would be a cutting board with handles.

There are many kinds of boards that offer some version of a handle, but our guide wishes to share a selection of the best cutting boards with handles.

From wood to stone, cutting boards provide a place to process meats or other foods like vegetables and fruits. And when you’ve completed the food preparation, the board can be easily washed and stored away in a board holder.

Yes, the best cutting boards with handles may leave you wanting more than one type, and that’s perfectly normal. After all, you’ll want to make sure you use different boards for various food products as a safety measure. For example, utilizing the woodblock for vegetables and the plastic or marble board for meats. But we’ll leave that final decision up to you.

Let’s take a quick look at our guide’s best selection list before moving on to the specifics.

At a Glance: The 5 Best Cutting Boards with Handles Options

Best Cutting Boards with Handles Best used for Materials Dimensions More Info
John Boos Block Cookouts and large gatherings Maple wood 24 x 18 x 2.25 Find out more
JEMPSEY Double-Sided Board Day to day food prep Plastic and stainless steel 18.5 x 12.2 x 0.4 Find out more
Polizzi Marble Cutting Board Dinner parties Marble 12 x 1 Find out more
Extra-large Bamboo Cutting Board Brunch with friends and family Bamboo 30 x 20 x 0.75 Find out more
HHXRISE Acacia Wood Cutting Board Holidays and Celebrations Acacia Wood 17 x 12.4 x 0.8 Find out more

Selection Criteria

cutting board

Using practical knowledge and strict criteria, we’ve picked the best cutting board for your home. A good board must be sturdy, handy, and can win with different aspects that help the environment. With the following information, our guide suggests our top pick.


The best cutting board must have a style that doesn’t completely clash with the kitchen interior. A fresh and lovely color that blends well can be left out and not hidden in the cabinets until the next use. So style, although it’s not the most important aspect, can add to your decor.


Materials must be strong when it comes to the best choice in cutting boards. After all, this board will be used over and over in meal preparations, for holidays, and other important occasions. Therefore, materials must be strong, durable, and long-lasting, able to hold an entire turkey if needed.


The best cutting board is also a product that functions well in the kitchen. It can be easily stored, used, and cleaned. Not all boards are dishwasher safe, but we didn’t factor this into the equation. Simply having a board that can be wiped down well and oiled is good enough.

As for extras, a board with handles and a juice dispensary is a huge plus. Not only can you move the board from place to place, but you can quickly drain all liquids from the board surface. A large board is also a good pick.

Types of Cutting Boards with Handles

cutting board

The selection of cutting boards with handles available on the market is extensive. Different styles, shapes, sizes, and materials provide a wide array of kitchenware to choose from. Here’s a basic outline of what you’ll find.



  • Traditional: The traditional board is often a square or rectangular board with few extras. These sometimes have handles.
  • Pizza Boards: This type of board has the shape of a flat pizza pan surface with a paddle handle. It can be used for prep and serving.
  • Charcuterie Boards: The boards are serving platters, usually large, with the chopping surface as an additional feature. They can be round, square, or even oblong.
  • Prep centers (moats, built-in trays, drawers): Preparation centers are chopping boards with extras like handles, juice moats, and even sections on one side to temporarily hold the finished chopped product. You can also find drawers for storage with some versions.


  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Miscellaneous Shapes (oblong, heart shape, naturally shaped products)

Note: Cutting boards come in a large range of sizes, from small to XXXL boards.

Best Cutting Boards with Handles Options

John Boos Block Maple Cutting Board

John Boos Block Maple Cutting Board

A professional choice, John Boos Blocks has many striking features that make kitchen prep easy. The cutting board is reversible, with one side flat and the other adorning a juice moat around the entire edge.

This aspect of the board may allow for the preparation of meats and vegetables, as long as the board is cleaned properly. There are metal handles making it easier to transport the board from one area of the kitchen to the other.

The cutting board is made in Illinois from rock hard maple wood, giving the block a tough build. Maple wood is considered one of the most durable cutting surfaces around, which prevents this board from being easily broken. The cutting board is easy to maintain – just hand wash and dry, occasionally wiping the surface with John Boos mystery oil to retain its resilience to wear.

Overall Dimensions: 24 L x 18 W x 2.25 H

Weight: 24 lbs.


  • Heavy-duty cutting board
  • Reversible
  • Has Juice Moat
  • Quality Maple construction


  • Must be oiled regularly
  • It takes bit longer to dry after wash

JEMPSEY Double-Sided Cutting Board, Stainless Steel, and Plastic

JEMPSEY Double-Sided Cutting Board, Stainless Steel, and Plastic

This board may be just what you need. Instead of purchasing one board for meat products and another for veggies, just grab one of these double-sided Stainless steel and Wheat Straw plastic boards. The stainless steel side is perfect for chopping meats, while the plastic side works well for all other food items.

When looking for the perfect cutting board, the JEMPSEY double-sided board can be found on Amazon. The cubed surface on the stainless steel side helps hold juices from meats and also prevents movement when using the plastic side. When chopping vegetables or fruits, the wheat straw surface is also great for stability and works much in the same way when flipped back over.

This cutting board is high quality; however, it’s not made for the dishwasher. Make sure to hand wash this item and dry it thoroughly, and it will provide many good experiences in food preparation. You can use the handle for moving the board or for hanging it on the wall.

Overall Dimensions: 18.5 L x 12.2 W x 0.4 H

Weight: 3 lbs.


  • Lightweight
  • Handles for carrying and hanging
  • Double-sided/ plastic and steel
  • Easier to remember which side to use


  • Is not dishwasher safe
  • Very thin
  • Small-sized board

Polizzi Heights Marble Round Cutting Board

Polizzi Heights Marble Round Cutting Board

This round marble cutting board has alternating light and dark marble swirls creating a striking appearance. This piece, found at Mayfair, is a showpiece for the kitchen.

Chop your vegetables and fruits on a non -porous surface and easily wipe clean when finished. Not only is the marble cutting board suitable for chopping and preparations, but it’s also good when used as a cheeseboard.

Made from true heavy marble, this cutting board is sturdy and strong. It has a handle which can be used for carrying or for hanging on the kitchen wall.

This product makes a great addition to the kitchen and can be used with either side, as it is reversible. The Polizzi Heights Marble Round Cutting Board from RoseCliff Heights is larger than it appears and provides ample room for multiple food preparations.

Overall Dimensions: 12 D x 1 Inch H

Weight: 7.05 lbs


  • Beautiful true marble design
  • Solid, strong surface
  • Is not porous


  • Sometimes wobbles/ may not be sturdy
  • Small board
  • Can break easier than others

Greener Chef Store Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board w/ Juice Groove

Greener Chef Store Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Lightweight yet massive, you can do everything from carve a turkey to chop a dozen vegetables. Eco-friendly Bamboo provides a surprisingly strong surface that doesn’t warp or crack over time. It also holds up to the heaviest of knife work as well. What’s more, it has a beautiful bright grain surface that fits perfectly in any kitchen decor.

Made with the environment in mind, this bamboo cutting board has a few extras too. Underneath the top is two side handles to move the board anywhere you, please.

After food preparations, you can give it a quick clean and use it as a serving tray. There is also a juice groove to drain the extra liquid leftover from chopping and dicing foods. Check out this beauty on Amazon, where you can learn more.

Overall Dimensions: 30 L x 20 W x 0.75 H

Weight: 11 lbs.


  • Glorious bamboo design
  • Large cutting board surface
  • Strong and resilient
  • Has handles/ juice groove


  • Must be hand washed
  • Requires extra storage space
  • May pick up stains over time

HHXRISE Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board

HHXRISE Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board

This 100% organic Acacia wood cutting board has a deep gorgeous brown stain and finish. This board is a treat for the eyes when the company comes over. It’s also suitable for any family use when preparing daily meals or snacks. The size isn’t too big to prop against the wall on the cabinet or hang from the wall. It’s simply beautiful, just left on the countertop where there’s room.

When it comes to extras, the HHXRISE Acacia Wood Cutting Board has many useful aspects. Along with two handles crafted from the product itself, there are three separate compartments for holding chopped and diced foods.

There is also a deep juice moat that catches the extra liquids during food preparations, giving this product even more appeal. This is just one great choice among many handled cutting boards.

Overall Dimensions: 17 L x 12.4 W x 0.8 H

Weight: 10.5 oz.


  • Nice dark stain and finish
  • Has handles and juice moat
  • Have three compartments for chopped food
  • Large size


  • It may be too lightweight
  • Is not dishwasher safe
  • If left wet, it can warp

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are Handles Important on the Cutting Board?

Answer: Besides the obvious reasons, handles are important for the stability of the board. Handles are useful for moving the board and even hanging it when finished.
If there are no handles on the cutting board, there is a higher risk of dropping the board, causing damage, or potentially breaking the board. You can even cause injury with some of the larger, heavier boards if there is no handle.

Question: Which type of Board is the Most Hygienic?

Answer: While all boards can be kept clean with the right maintenance, some offer advanced hygienic aspects for those who are overly concerned about cross-contamination or allergies. There are differing opinions as to which type of board is safer. For instance, there seem to be more bacteria found on used plastic boards, but this could come from the lack of proper cleaning.
If cleaned thoroughly, plastic is also suggested as one of the most hygienic boards of all. There are factors, as you can see, which determine which board is more sanitary. When polished and oiled regularly, Wood seems to be more hygienic, but if not oiled, it can absorb bacteria quickly. As you can see, it depends on how you take care of your cutting board.

Question: How Many Cutting Boards Should You Have?

Answer: While some people only have one board, and this board may be reversible, it is suggested that an individual have at least two boards. Even with a reversible board, you can forget and mix up your raw and cooked proteins along with your vegetables, preparing them on the same side.
Also, two boards, which can be color-coded, will help you keep your cutting surfaces separated effectively, so there’s no worry about spreading bacteria throughout your food. So, at least two boards are needed.

Question: What types of food should be cut on a wooden board?

Answer: Raw meats should never be cut on a wooden board, as their juices can be easily absorbed, causing the formation of bacteria. When using a wooden board, only cut vegetables, bread, cheeses, and fruits with no protein bacteria formation potential. The residue from these foods can also be removed much easier, and the board can be cleaned and sanitized.

Final Thoughts: 5 Best Cutting Boards with Handles Options

There are so many types of cutting boards with handles, and so it’s difficult to decide which one works the best and has the most aesthetic aspects. For example, granite boards are sleek, and wooden blocks are sturdy. But which one stands out above all the rest?

We picked the Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board for its environmentally safe production and many other options. The Bamboo Cutting Board has handles, a juice groove for pouring out extra liquids, and a surprisingly sturdy build for strength and stability. The cutting board can also serve as a platter for meats. This product has all you need in a quality cutting board.

If you love the Bamboo cutting board, you may be interested in a second board for other food preparation needs. Consider the stone board for processing proteins or raw products. Just remember, it’s okay to have one board, but it’s much better to have two. We hope our guide helps you make the right decisions for your kitchen accessories.

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